Why most of the time we cannot or will not change our behavior.

    Finding the root cause of why others cannot change theirs.
    Why but why behavioral practice delivers long-term mastery.
    How to find hidden viewpoints that are holding you and others back in your organization and how to shift them.
    A drama free high performing workplace.

Course Description

This course is based on best-selling author, Elizabeth Frisch’s second book publishing in 2017, Change Yourself, Change Others —Mastering Your Own Behaviors So You Can Shift Others. At work, at home, in your relationships…it is so easy to find fault in others and criticize others for their inability to change. 

We often get frustrated by our lack of control or power to get others to change. Yet, the key to mastering working with others to shift their behaviors is to master shifting your own. This fun, engaging course turns all of your pre-conceived notions of why people do not change on their head and provides 8 critical practices to shifting your own behaviors so you can powerfully shift others. 

Using the latest research on adult learning behaviors, human psychology, technology, and organizational dynamics, this course takes amorphous principles and culls them down to key practices every manager and employee can master to ensure they are not ever the victim of circumstance or stuck in a perpetual problem with another person. 

Organizationally, building a team that masters these practices ensures an unstopping, quick-shifting, ever-learning organization that will not stagnate nor fail to innovate in ever-changing economic and cultural times. This course provide the difference between the leaders and the laggers so simply, that personnel from the C-suite to the production floor have been able to make sweeping positive change and transform how their workplace works after taking this course.

Detailed Course Content

MODULE 1: The Power of Hidden Views
At the end of the day, your organization’s culture is just a collection of individual behaviors driving to a predictable outcome called “The Cycle of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”. Learn how to identify these views, their impact, and how to shift them and break that cycle.

MODULE 2: The Power of Being Uncomfortable
All high performing people and organizations have mastered using discomfort to stay in the high performing zone. Done incorrectly, this tool can create horribly toxic work environments and done correctly highly innovative and high performing teams. We will teach you how to do it the right way.

MODULE 3: The Toxic Cycle of Failure
What happens in your organization when something (or someone) fails? High performing organizations, regroup quickly, thrive and deliver even better success out of failure in a fraction of the time that other organizations do. In this module we teach you a powerful mode for handling failure and coming out of failure to success.

MODULE 4: Creating A ‘No Drama’ Work Environment
Are you exhausted by the drama at work? Do you feel like everything is a roller coaster ride from crisis to crisis or issue to issue? What if in one powerful practice, you could eliminate that tomorrow? This module teaches one of the most effective crisis/personnel management tools used by the most effective leaders and change agents worldwide.

MODULE 5: Fault is Your Friend
Why is it common to blame the other person for something? What is our fear and others fears of ‘owning it’ when it comes to problems or breakdowns? This module dissects that culturally pervasive phenomena and delivers an easy solution to start changing your culture to one of accountability and ownership.

MODULE 6: The Emotionally Resilient Employee
A search on Google can show a lot of theories on why emotional resilience is important, how it is important to be emotionally resilient and how emotionally resilient people are more successful in life. But what does that look like in your day-to-day work and home life? How do you develop emotional resilience. This module answers that question and provides a framework to build this skill in every employee at your organization.

MODULE 7: Procrastination Kills Productivity (and Satisfaction & Health)
We all do it. We are all guilty of it. Yet it grows and pervades in most organizations until someone consciously routes it out. In these section we help you design your plan to eliminate procrastination from your organization.

MODULE 8: Committing to the Infeasible and Unreasonable
Every great organization knows the power of this practice. Yet few do it…this section breaks down the barriers culturally, socially and organizationally to allow you to shift your organization to master this practice and reap the benefits of it.


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