The prized attributes of highly effective mobility managers.
     Your role as a mobile manager by becoming facile at using leadership tools and techniques.

    A telework program framework as a business to successfully lead any mobility team.
    Other companies, NPOs, NGOs, and federal state and local agencies that have succeeded and failed at implementing mobility programs.

Course Description

What are the essential skills for successful management employees in a mobile world (telework, flex-time, hoteling, and virtual teaming structures)? How would you like to have at your finger tips the ability to improve retention, attract world-class employees while controlling real estate, capital, and operating costs? 

Leading a mobile team that can be 100% remote or managing a mix of in-office and remote employees requires a balance of people and project management skills as well as a mastery of performance-based management. 

This course provides a replicable framework for managers to successfully incorporate mobile work places and work forces into their project environments while increasing team and individual productivity. This course will also support Human Resource professionals in building mobile network programs.

Detailed Course Content

Module 1 – Business and HR Strategy, CSR, and Risk Management Using Mobility Programs for Employees

  • What are mobility programs
  • How mobility programs are enhancing business performance and HR programs
  • Using mobility programs for risk management
  • How to determine what mobility strategies will work best for your organization
  • Critical business and HR metrics that mobility programs improve
  • Communicating the value of remote work to executive leadership
  • Tactics for earning buy in and support: executive level and middle management
  • How to integrate mobility into business strategy
  • Reporting mobility programs under public CSR reports and communicating results

Module 2 – Talent Acquisition, Retention and Total Rewards

  • Why a remote/flexible workplace is essential for organizational success
  • What data shows about mobility and employee recruitment and retention
  • Building mobility programs into employee benefit/reward structures
  • How to promote mobility programs during recruitment
  • Social media and printed media
  • Interviewing process

Module 3 – Building a Mobile Work Program

  • The 10-step framework
  • Tactics for earning buy-in and support: executive level and middle management
  • Designing a mobile work policy for your company
  • Designing job descriptions and selecting the right candidates
  • Onboarding mobile workers
  • Training mobile workers/rules for success for mobile workers
  • Fundamentals for managing remote workers
  • How to effectively measure program performance
  • How to effectively measure mobile worker performance

Module 4 – Building a Mobility Culture that Lasts

  • Best practices for managing mobile workers
  • Mobility program etiquette
  • Setting the foundation: mobile work policy
  • Onboarding mobile workers
  • Strategies for success for mobile workers
  • Guidelines for effective team communication
  • Technology essentials for the mobile team
  • Supporting innovation, collaboration, and corporate culture
  • Delivering constructive feedback to mobile workers
  • Measuring mobile worker performance
  • Conflict resolution and mediation within mobile teams
  • Working together remotely
  • Team communication protocols
  • Team performance: giving and receiving feedback, appraisal of leader/team
  • Essential strategies for reporting/resolving issues

Module 5 – Your emotional baggage

  • The 8 essential practices of mobility program managers
  • Supervising and evaluating mobile work
  • The illusion of management control in the modern workplace
  • The leadership compass: which direction do you and your team point today?
  • The 7 baggages that sink mobile managers and how you can fix it
  • It’s your fault (and that’s a good thing!): conflicts and performance issues
  • The emotionally resilient manager: avoiding telework perception panic
  • The power of commitment, culture and etiquette in a mobile environment
  • Excellence over perfection, performance over perception
  • What you speak you create: communicating in a mobile work environment


  • 1, 2 or 3 Day Versions in Person

  • Online Live with Instructor

  • Virtual Training


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