What makes you fascinating as a presenter and how to identify your audience and interact with them to engage and build rapport.
    The three learning types and five personalities that sit in every audience as well as use a consistent template to deliver key information.
    Skills needed to feel confident to say “I’ve got this” when your next presentation opportunity comes up.

Course Description

Are you responsible for communicating a wide variety of information and data to diverse audiences, from C-suite to operational level support?

Learn how to present in an impactful manner but also manage anxiety, engage the audience, create rapport, and keep people interested in what you are saying throughout the whole presentation.

Everyone has a unique style, level of expertise, comfort with presenting and a personality type which is critical to identify and capitalize on if they are going to be successful doing presentations—empowering everyone to be a good presenter is not a “one size fits all” solution.

Our powerful presentations training addresses the three core elements to achieve these goals in a three-part approach: the psychological aspects, the technical aspects, and the empowerment aspects of you becoming a powerful and impactful presenter consistently and under any circumstance.

Detailed Course Content

Module 1: The Psychology of Presenting

The goal of part 1 is to allow the presenter to gain understanding of themselves and their audiences. It is critical that every presenter master how to leverage their own unique personality and style, as well as understand the dynamics of presentations from the audience standpoint.  In part 1 we discover:

  • What your core default is in any presentation situation and how to use that to your advantage.
  • What is fascinating about you and your unique personality type and style.
  • How to remove the ‘baggage’ that everyone has no matter how ‘great’ of a presenter you are. We teach the 7 Baggage’s that Presenters Carry (along with everyone else) in the room during presentations.
  • How to define your audience – from understanding the three learning types, to the dynamics of consenters and disruptors and everyone in-between.
  • Mastering your one-minute message (your OM2) and ensuring that everyone in your presentation takes home exactly what you intended to communicate.

Part 2: Building Powerful Presentations

Part 2 focuses on how to consistently deliver powerful presentations no matter the topic or audience by understanding and applying key adult learning behavior and visual, auditory and kinesthetic triggers.

  • Good presentations are memorable. We provide the best tactics from neuro-linguistic programming to the psychology of using photos and graphics to engage and build rapport with your audiences.
  • Good presentations contain valid information that is useful to the audience (hopefully). We clarify how to present with each piece of data in a way that is thoroughly fact-checked, accurate, and never misleading.
  • Great presentations contain minimal information. We teach you how to do that and master your core message. What is left for your audience to engage in is only that information that drives toward a decision, goal, outcome, and/or result.
  • Great presenters are great story-tellers. We explain how to weave a story into the presentation to ensure people stay for not just the beginning but the middle and the end.
  • Powerful presenters know how to engage all personality types for maximum impact. We show you how!

Part 3: Empowerment

Training is great, but if you cannot understand how to apply what you have learned moment by moment in real world presentation situations and with your presentation materials, theory never becomes practice. This is our favorite part of the workshop where you work through with your classmates how to apply each part of the content using your own specific ideas, topics, and challenges.

  • You receive one-on-one coaching from Elizabeth Frisch, who is a best-selling author and high performance business consultant who has helped empower entrepreneurs starting their first company, to public servants creating broad social change, to Fortune 500 executive leadership seeking to transform how their company does business.
  • You will walk away with confidence and feeling empowered to take what they have learned and apply it as soon as they get back into the “real world.”


  • 1, 2 or 3 Day Versions in Person

  • Online Live with Instructor

  • Virtual Training


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