What the problem is and is not.

  • MAP
    A trail from the symptom to the root cause.

    Ideas to solve the root cause problem and select the most appropriate solution using decision matrices.

    The root cause using the appropriate RCA investigative tools.

    Common barriers to root cause analysis and apply techniques to overcome those barriers.

Course Description

The ability to conduct effective root cause analysis is an essential tool to have as a skill set. Yet, root cause analysis methods are rarely taught to anyone but engineering or design professionals. This course is an intensive 8-hour or 12-hour hands-on, experiential learning course. We will teach the six most common methods of root-cause analysis that can be used powerfully by any auditor, project manager, or organizational leader. Mastery will be achieved by breaking into teams and practicing each method based on scenarios provided.

You will leave this course with a practical, experiential basis to start incorporating root cause analysis into your own position at your organization.

Please note this course includes significant break-out time to practice skills learned. Participants must be ready to master the content, spending less than 30% of time in receiving content, and the bulk of the time practicing and building skills.

Detailed Course Content

For additional time in mastering course content above and beyond the 1 day intensive session, choose the expanded 1.5 day course. The 1.5 day session includes additional time to practice real-world crisis simulation skills-building and additional breakout sessions in other modules.

Module 1 – Introduction: Root Cause Analysis Overview

  • Overview of Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Types
  • Problem Definitions
  • Case Studies, Method Selection

Module 2 – Forming the Team

  • Identifying key personnel
  • Group problem solving
  • Building root cause analysis into projects
  • Problem solving simulation

Module 3 – Finding the Root Cause

  • Methods of completing root cause analysis
  • Explore chains of causes, cause and effect charting
  • Study interrelationships and the need for evidence
  • Use data analysis and investigative tools
  • Identify root causes
  • Breakout sessions by team to practice choosing the appropriate root cause method

Module 4 – Fix the Root Cause

  • Propose potential solutions
  • Solution brainstorming
  • Solution qualification
  • Develop action plan to implement solution
  • Recommending effective solutions
  • Breakout sessions by team to practice problem solving using the appropriate root cause method

Module 5 – Overcoming Barriers

  • Barriers to root cause analysis
  • Solutions to barriers
  • Real world simulation of crisis requiring immediate solution


  • 1 or 1.5 Day Intensive in Person

  • Online Live with Instructor

  • Virtual Training


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