In this episode, Richard Lindner, the President and Co-Founder of DigitalMarketer, discusses how leaders help or hurt their organizations in achieving their goals. As a CEO of a business that has experienced explosive growth, he understands how to lead successfully in corporate America. Richard is a master at making the complex simple and easy to make happen in your organization.

During this episode, you will discover ….

  • How a 126-year-old organization had an epic fail? And how you avoid that trap in your business.
  • Where resistance to change blocks success and how to shift resistance in your team to forward momentum.
  • Key steps to unlearning bad habits you were taught on how to manage goals.
  • That all goals are doomed to fail when they are based on mistruths.
  • Why it’s important to focus on three to five metrics at a time.
  • How to easily uncover the actions your team needs to take to achieve any goal.

Richard Lindner is the President and Co-Founder of DigitalMarketer, the industry leader in global digital marketing education. While running a global team of more than 50 professionals worldwide, Richard also is a sought after executive leadership expert, working with some of the world’s most exciting brands like Uber, Harper Collins, Entreleadership, Marapost, Ethiad Airlines to name a few.

Richard is an enthusiastic and engaging public speaker who prides himself on his ability to unpack the complexities of building and scaling the modern business. He brings 10 years of senior-level leadership education to the forefront of a marketplace desperate for consummate and compassionate leaders.

In a business climate that is in constant flux Richard focuses on the one thing that doesn’t change, building teams and leadership focused on helping organizations achieve their goals and scale their brand.

Bringing organizational success back to the roots of leadership is one of the many ways Richard has pioneered a direct impact on organizational change across numerous verticals.

Richard hails from the great state of Tennessee and on most Saturdays in the fall you can find him, his beautiful wife Farrar, their two daughters Callie and Cayden, draped from head to toe in their Volunteer orange!