In this episode, Susan Riley, a highly experienced senior executive, talks about how a company leader can communicate with a board when it comes to financial issues while building a mutually respectful relationship between all parties. Susan shares a vital action step a CEO could take to build a bridge with their board.  

During this episode, you will discover ….

  • How to identify what the key milestones or indicators of trouble are before it’s too late
  • The importance of having systems in place to help prevent disasters
  • The steps to take to know what you can change and what you can’t
  • Financial issues that most companies try to avoid until there is a crisis
  • How to avoid thinking that your financial mistake will go away
  • The importance of a CEO to engage openly with a board rather than trying to hide issues
  • A lack of focus can bring on financial challenges.
  • That sometimes the question is as important as the answer
  • For companies that shift from private to public, if they aren’t aware of the rules that are in place by the government, they can quickly find themselves in trouble.

Susan Riley is a highly experienced senior executive with extensive board and governance experience and more than 30 years of financial and operational leadership in the specialty retail, consumer products, medical and cosmetic industries. Her experience includes major financial and operational restructurings, regulatory and disclosure compliance, strategic diversification and mergers, and expanding global operations. Susan is a focused leader with an ability to quickly assess a complex situation, develop and execute a plan to address the most compelling issues with a record of proven results.